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Tigerdile is Shutting Down

Tigerdile will be shutting down by April 21st, 2023. We reserve the right to shut down earlier if all our streamers move on before then, but we will definitely be shut down by the above date no matter what.

One feature will live on -- for any artist that wishes it, we will forward their Tigerdile URLs to their new streaming service of choice. We are recommending people use Piczel.tv and they are offering our streamers a special offer. See more information below; they are the closest to feature pairity with Tigerdile of the other streaming services, and they offer the same kind of personalized, responsive support you would get from the 'Dile so it makes sense to go there.

Why Shutting Down?

As for why we are shutting down, there are many reasons. The TL;DR version is "bitrot". Tigerdile's core systems are an organically grown (i.e. not planned) mess of interconnecting parts. It is to the point where it is really impossible to touch anything without breaking something else. Also, even Tigerdile's creator barely knows how it all works at this juncture, to the point where most problems are solved by turning it off and on again.

In April, we will be forced to update because Tigerdile's operating system will be end of life. The updates will require more work than Tigerdile has the manpower to perform, and frankly the system needs massive updates and rewrites in order to stay competitive. What is in place now is fragile and often has problems/lag/shutdowns. It has been slowly dying for a long time now, it's time to finally put it to rest.

Streaming will be free to our streamers until they finally give up and go elsewhere. Again, we recommend Piczel.tv. Piczel is extending a special offer to our Tigerdile users, which I will present here:

Piczel.tv Offer - From the owner of Piczel

Hello Tigerdile users - my name is Garrett and I run Piczel.tv with a small team of developers. We're happy to host anyone that is looking for a reliable and art streaming service. We are adult-content friendly, have near-zero latency streams, offer hi-res art galleries, and of course responsive and helpful support, which we know is important to you.

I'm happy to assist anyone that would like to set up on Piczel.tv, there are a few settings specific to our zero latency player that are required for that (though most settings work fine on the default and lower-latency player) and of course I want to make sure you have the best quality, highest performing stream possible outside those specific things.

We'll also be offering anyone coming from tigerdile 90 days of free premium time to try out everything we offer (including automatic timelapses, custom emotes, large multistreams up to 16 members). Just sign up on Piczel and email us your username and say that you're coming from tigerdile.

If there's anything you're worried about, something I wasn't clear on, or anything else you'd like to ask please email me at garrett@piczel.tv or support@piczel.tv. I try and respond within 24 hours to every email, though usually I'm much faster.