Note: We have changed our back-end server software. Please see the home page (click on that handsome Tigerdile in the upper left!) for details.

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Latest News

We're running with new stream server software!

This new software will hopefully allow us to cope with the load level the PawPets show sometimes brings. Time will tell!

I will be doing some refinements over the course of the week, but my first priority is make sure the service works at more or less the same level it did before I started poking at it. If you notice any problems or oddities, please contact Support by clicking the link in the upper right corner of the page.

The delay on the streams seems to be about 20 seconds with the new server, which is a little bad but we'll work on it. For mobile the delay seems to be more like 1 minute which is pretty awful, but I am pretty sure I know why and I will be working on that over the course of the week.

One feature I'm really excited about is an actual reduced quality stream for people that don't have great connections to the server. I will be working on that this week as well.

Thanks for putting up with us! We love you all!

-- The Tigerdile Staff