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HOLY CRAP! This page updated!

So ... many of you know that I've been really having a hard time with "Flashless" technologies because they all, frankly, suck. I've finally found one that doesn't suck because, ironically, it is an RTMP implementation in JavaScript. So its the best of both worlds!

It only works in very modern web browsers. The latest FireFox, Chrome, Microsoft "Edge" and Safari should all work with it. Mobile browsers do not work with it, and will fall back to HLS (the old flashless mode). Old browsers (like IE 8) will fall back first to flash and then to HLS based on if Flash is available.

This will, hopefully, make everything work great for everyone. We'll see; its a big shift and people are bound to have problems with it. Please provide feedback, positive or negative, to support!

Thank you all for being awesome!

-- The Tigerdile Staff