Frequently Nommed Questions

Tigerdile fields your questions! His one eye gazes deeply into yours as you speak, the other eye is looking somewhere over your shoulder. You’re not sure where.

What is Tigerdile?

Tigerdile is a crazy, silly monster that has lent us his name for our website. He was created during Caribou’s art stream in the Summer of 2012 and was posted to FA with an assurance from the viewers that they would each post a testimonial on how Tigerdile has made their life better. His legend has grown since then!

Tigerdile is never taken seriously and never rule 34’d. His official persona is akin to a sleazy pimp monster who specializes in innuendo while maintaining a generally “safe for work” demeanor. Tigerdile believes that all the artists are his special stable of “providers” and watchers are “clients”. Only true believers know the REAL Tigerdile.

What is the deal with Tigerdile, the website?

By artists, for artists. The idea for Tigerdile came from some conversations between a brilliant engineer, and an artist with more ideas than sense. The concept was to create a co-op space that could be shared by artists with mutual purpose for mutual gain. We hoped to create a site where it was safe for artists to stream the sort of work they do without restriction, or the random traffic that a large multi-site provides. We hoped to keep costs down, and ask everyone to chip in a small bit so we could continue to improve and afford to run the server at an effective bandwidth. We wish it could be free but the world just doesn’t agree.

This site is a work in process, and constantly evolving to improve the experience of both viewer and artist. Our grander vision would include something like a storefront to be able to sell the things you make in a hassle-free way. Baby steps, though. When we get something going, we’ll share it with our artists.

Do you take PayPal?

Not “officially”. Because Tigerdile is a site that may feature adult content, we do not feel comfortable automating a PayPal process. PayPal is well known for seizing funds on a whim!

Tigerdile’s credit card form is secure and posts your information straight to our card processor — we never actually see your credit card — but if you don’t want to pay us that way, contact support for other arrangements.

Who’s behind this whole Tigerdile mess?

Sara “Caribou” Miles” and TanabiGoat are the co-owners. Sara is the content admin and makes the final call on all content decisions. Tanabi is the operational admin and does most of the day to day community management and all the programming.

We also have a crew of admins / moderators. Currently, they are:

Does Tigerdile require a monthly fee?

Yes. Tigerdile is run as a professional internet service, with a top quality dedicated server, the best bandwidth we can get, backups, the whole works. We have a disaster recovery plan and also plans to expand to more servers and other countries to improve viewer experiences.

It costs a lot to run Tigerdile, and many of our users use Tigerdile to make money. Therefore, it’s only fair that everyone pitch in to help out; Tigerdile was built to be a reliable, professional service for our reliable, professional artists that need to be able to stream as part of their income.

The owners of Tigerdile have never drawn ‘profit money’ out of the company and the majority of the income is spent either improving the service or marketing it.

Is the 10 viewer cap on the Casual User plan a hard limit?

No. A little-known fact is that the 10 viewer cap is not a hard limit; people will not get blocked out of your stream like they do with Join.Me. The 10 viewer cap is purely honor system, and it’s acceptable for you to occasionally go over the limit. If you consistently go over the limit, you might attract some polite inquiries from the administration.

Gah! It’s broken! Who do I complain to?

Click the support link in the menu bar, fill out our form. Bear in mind, our support staff currently consists of one crazy programmer who apparently never sleeps, so response times may not be that great. Expect a response within well under 24 hours, though.

Do I need to register to chat on Tigerdile?

Depends on the channel. Artists can choose to allow ‘guest users’ onto their chats. The default is to not allow guests. You can change the default by going to the ‘Your Stream’ page and clicking the ‘Chat Settings’ tab.

Guests will show up prefixed with a “g.” so that they cannot hijack a registered user’s name.

How do I see who’s in the chat? How do I resize chat? Can chat be in a window?

The answer to all of these, is look for the “Popout” tab at the top left of the chat pane. The popout is considerably more “flexible” than the embedded chat, we highly recommend you use that if at all possible.

Can I change my name in chat?

You can’t, unfortunately. It causes a lot of potential problems. You can ask support and we can change your name for you, though, but we can’t change your user login. Click the support link in the top menu!

I typo’d my email when I registered! Help!

Contact support! We can fix that for you. The link’s in the top menu!

Does Tigerdile support mobile browsers?

Tigerdile doesn’t have “official” support for mobile yet, but here’s what our users have told us. Please note that what works varies considerably from device to device, so consider these potential options but you may have to try several of them to figure out what works best for you.

These are available through the app store of your device.

Puffin, free or paid, is reported to work the best for both iOS (Apple) devices and Android.

Flash Fox is a free browser that works for some people. Some have reported crashes, but it may work for you if Puffin does not.

Finally, Photon is known to work for Android and possibly iOS devices, but a lot of people have trouble with it. Worth a shot if the other two do not work for you.

Dolphin should theoretically work as well, but does not appear to work for most people. Give it a try if all else fails.

I never get notified when my favorite artist starts streaming. What gives?

Well, first off, make sure the emails aren’t going to your spam. Because they can, even though Tigerdile isn’t into the whole spam thing. If they’re not going to your spam, then the other possibility is your artist of choice isn’t using the feature.

Artists have to choose to send a message when they stream. They send the message on the “Your Stream” page that’s in the header. This is so that, if an artist wants a low key stream or wants to have a private stream, they won’t automatically have a broadcast go out.

Feel free to remind your favorite artist that this feature is available!