Your first 30 days of streaming are free! No need to pay up front!

It is just $5 per month for a 10-viewer maximum stream, or $10 per month for unlimited viewers after your free unlimited viewer trial.

Getting Started

Tigerdile loves artists! Streaming on this site is a great way to get noticed, because visitors to this site are specifically looking to watch artists.

We have a few content restrictions and rules you should read before signing up.

Here's How!

  1. Register! You need an account to stream. It is free and easy! And it makes sure your chat name is reserved.
  2. Login! Make sure you're logged in before continuing.
  3. Request approval!

    We don't make any judgements about your art or your skills; Tigerdile invites everyone of every skill level to participate! Anyone can stream, including crafters and gamers.

    The purpose of the approval process is to make sure you understand the rules, and to give us a chance to say 'hi!' and make sure you have all the help you need to get started.

    Approval usually takes less than 1 hour if you submit the request between about 10 AM and 11 PM Eastern US Time. It takes, at most, 24 hours.

  4. Set up your stream! Once you get your approval, use our handy "wizard" to get your stream configured and to set up your software.