Watching the Video

Firefox did some changes recently (as in the past couple months months) that screw up Tigerdile's Flash detection. We're working on a better fix, but for now, here's the best way to get Tigerdile streaming working on Firefox.


  • Download and install the latest Flash .
  • When you go to a stream page, click the little "lego brick" in the URL bar. It looks like this:
  • Click "Allow and Remember".

You may question why Tigerdile has both a Flash and Flashless stream. The reason is, basically, latency. Or the delay between what the streamer does and what you see and hear.


Flash uses a special protocol called RTMP to transmit video data. As such, it is a very direct approach to receiving the video data and it is designed to work better over bad internet connections.


Flashless streaming, on the other hand, does a series of web requests fetching segments of the video. The segments have to be long enough that you can download the next segment while the one you are on is playing.


The way Flashless streaming works is, honestly, pretty hacky. If your connection is too slow or there's network hiccups, it can "stall" and leave you with a blank stream. Also, because its a series of static videos that you are downloading, there is a built in delay that is difficult to eliminate since these video chunks have to be recorded before they are 'transmitted' to you.


We generally recommend Flash as a better viewer experience, but as Flash support for browsers starts to evaporate, we don't really have any other option than to start switching to the inferior Flashless solution.

Proxy Friendly Mode is a way to try and use Tigerdile through a web proxy. Web proxies are pretty common at places of business or schools, though you may also encounter them at other public access spots.


It's a little hit or miss. You may have better luck with the Flashless stream, so you can try Flashless mode on instead and see if that works better for you. Flashless is also proxy-friendly.

Clicking on one of the stars next to a stream either on the stream page or on the stream listing will mark that stream as a favorite.


You will receive email notifications if the streamer sends them! It is up to the streamer to send the message, so, if you never get a mail it could be the person you are favorite-ing hasn't sent any.


Please feel free to let streamers know about this feature if they are not using it!

Using Chat

We recommend the use of popout chat, because generally you will get a better user experience. To use pop-out chat, click the icon in the upper right corner of the embedded chat. It is the icon that looks like this:

On the popout chat, there's several symbols you can see on the list of people. Here's what they mean.


Blue Names Blue names are moderators.
Red Names Red names are Tigerdile administrators.
Silence -- if you click this, you will no longer see messages from this user. It's a passive way to ignore someone. A dash will show up through their name when you turn this on. Click it again to turn it off.
This launches pop-out chat. You only see it on the small version of the chat.
This kicks the user out of your chat. It's not really a ban; they can reload the chat page and come right back in. Use it as a warning if you like. Only moderators, streamers, and admins see this button.
This bans a user from your channel. A banned user cannot return. You can unban a user by going to the chat settings tab on your stream settings page. This option is only available to moderators, streamers, and admins.

Moderators are like administrators for your own channel. Moderators can ban other users. You can set moderators by going to the Chat Settings tab on the stream settings page.