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Christmas Presents Posted:

Hi everyone!

Every year, we send out a Christmas Present; a coupon code for a free month of Tigerdile streaming!

In past years, we gave everyone who has ever streamed on Tigerdile a coupon code … but that’s over 700 people now, and honestly, we can’t do that anymore.  So for this year, we have instead offered coupon codes to everyone who has paid for streaming in the past year (or redeemed last year’s coupon code).  That was still quite a huge number of people, so we thank you for your support!

If you did not get a coupon code, or you are a past streamer who didn’t pay for streaming this past year but really wants a coupon code, feel free to Contact Support.  We want to be generous this holiday season, but we also don’t want a stockpile of hundreds of unclaimed codes lurking out there …!

Thanks again, and have a Happy Holiday!

-The Tigerdile Staff

Homecon – Review, Feedback and THANK YOU! Posted:

Thank you all for joining in for this HomeCon season! Weather you streamed your craft, watched, commissioned the awesome artists or advertised for them or Homecon, Thank you!

A special thank you to all the panelists, tshirt artists and organizers for volunteering their time to make HomeCon awesome!

If anyone has any feedback for HomeCon, please feel free to let us know here!

We have a NEW SITE in the works! Check out Swaggerdile!

Peter and Company (Friday)
Sketch (Saturday)
Sepp (Sunday)

You will be emailed and credit added to your account for a free month of pro level streaming!

HomeCon T-Shirt Contest Winner! Posted:

Hey everyone!

The t-shirt contest this year was won by Keishinkae!

I am a big fan of this shirt and have bought one myself — check out the winning design at our Zazzle shop! I can testify that the shirt looks awesome in person and prints up really well.

Click here to check out our Zazzle store!

HomeCon is Around the Corner! Posted:

HomeCon is less than a month away!

Our raffles, contests, and panel submissions are still open. Please come check it out here and sign up today!

HOMECON 2015 is Coming Soon! Posted:

HomeCon Thanksgiving is coming up quick! Here is the quick and dirty info on the event.

Dates: Nov 20-22nd 2015
Theme: Jurassic World
T-shirt contest OPEN!
Panel Submissions OPEN!
Event raffles, a calendar and more at homecon/

Get those radical behinds to the event and check out the amazing artists, panels and merch! Staff are diligently working to make HomeCon the best yet, for your viewing pleasure!

Tigerdile and Cloudflare Posted:

Hello Tigerdillians!

So, with the recent trouble with one of our competitor sites, we were asked what protection Tigerdile has against DDoS. DDoS is a distributed attack where someone with a credit card and loose morals sends thousands of computers to connect to a site, thus saturating its capacity and making it so that legitimate users cannot connect to it.

Tigerdile has a DDoS plan, and has had one for some time, however we have decided to up our game. We are setting up CloudFlare, which is a service used by many sites to protect against DDoS. Is it a silver bullet? No, any site can still be attacked and driven into the ground. But it makes it a lot more expensive and difficult to do so, and it makes DDoS mitigation and recovery much easier.

During this transition, there may be “oddities”. Certificate warnings, error pages, or CloudFlare “challenges” to make sure you’re a human. If something breaks during this time, feel free to contact “support AT tigerdile DOT com” to report these issues. We will try to make this as smooth as possible and we are doing a lot of testing to make sure there will be no interruption of service.

We’re doing this because we know Tigerdile is an essential part of our artist’s businesses and we want to make sure that they are able to keep working no matter what. This is what our artists pay for!

Also, we’d like to remind you that if you have any suggestions for the site, we’re always open to hearing about them. Feel free to click our handy Support link in the header to send us suggestions — including look and feel suggestions, what you feel our competitors do better, and anything else. We’re interested in growing the site and making it more awesome!

Thanks for reading!

– The Tigerdile Staff

T-Shirt Available! Posted:

Our Home-Con T-shirt as designed by StarKnights is now available through Zazzle! Click here, click now!

Also fav the original design submission here!

Homecon T-Shirt Contest! Posted:

We ran a T-Shirt contest as part of the upcoming HomeCon, and it’s time to announce the winners!

Our first place winner is Starknights, who submitted a wonderful entry that we feel really captured the event.  You can check it out (and +favorite it!) on their FA here :

Our runner up also submitted an excellent entry, worthy of mention. The very talented Gothic Siamese who submitted an entry you can see (and +fav) on their FA here :

Thank you both for entering the contest, it was a difficult pick!

Bandwagon! Posted:

Tigerdile loves a good bandwagon! And what better bandwagon than one that involves money? We’ve now got a Patreon!

Our Patreon gives viewers a chance to contribute to the site if they so choose. It also facilitates people that would prefer to pay us through Patreon, or people that want to sponsor their favorite streamers.

We’re considering this a “Pilot Program”, an experiment to see if it works. If it is sufficiently successful, it could even turn Tigerdile into a free site — but time will tell!

For now, it’s an experiment, and maybe one that you’ll enjoy participating in.

As always, thank you so much for your support!

– The Tigerdile Staff

HomeCon Announcement! Posted:

We’ve set up a page for HomeCon, which you can see here :

Official HomeCon Page

HomeCon scheduling, prices, panel info, and more! Come check it out!