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$5 / Month

10 Viewer Limit

No Ads In Your Stream!

At this subscription level, you're allowed to have up to 10 viewers at a time watching your stream.
We're not jerks, though; if you occasionally go over, that's okay! We use the honor system, and it's worked well for us for years now. We trust you!

$10 / Month

Unlimited Viewers

No Ads In Your Stream!

You can have as many viewers as you want! We consider this our "professional" level.
You may use our re-broadcast feature to send your stream to to other stream services to increase your audience!

$40 / Month

Unlimited Viewers + Perks!

No Ads In Your Stream!

This level is for people that really want to show Tigerdile some love! Tigerdile will love you back with the following perks:
  • Free Tigerdile Tadpole Plush or Tigerdile Tote Bag (First purcahse only)
  • Front page ad on Tigerdile's site
  • Your stream appears at the top of the list (grouped with other $40/month streams)
  • You can replace your stream listing name with an image banner!
Also, you may use our re-broadcast feature to send your stream to an unlimited number of other stream services to increase your audience!

All tiers come with our extremely helpful support!

Let's face it; you can stream pretty much anywhere. What you're paying for with Tigerdile is responsive support and as close to 100% up-time as possible.

If streaming is a big part of your income, then this should be important to you!

You get what you pay for with a free service; on Tigerdile, you're royalty!

Why Isn't it Free?

Streaming isn't cheap; it costs Tigerdile about $400.00 a month to keep the lights on, and then we have yearly fees for accounting, taxes, and other staying-operational stuff on top of that.

If you're not making money with your stream, then Tigerdile may not be the best option for you; though believe us, we'd love to have you anyway! But our target audience is people who make money with their streams. And if you're making money with your streams, is it really fair to let someone else foot the bill?

Our artists are our only source of income; we do not inject ads into your stream page, or into your video stream, ever. That's rude, nobody likes it, and we're not doing it. Ever. The majority of Tigerdile's profits go right back into improving the service.

Remember; Tigerdile is a business expense, and if you're streaming on Tigerdile as a professional artist, you can write off your Tigerdile fees!