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Tigerdile is a pay as you go service; you only pay for what you use. Your first 30 days are free, but if you want to keep using the system you will have to pay to continue service.

There is no automatic rebill, and if you don’t want to stream you don’t have to pay. You can always come back — there’s no interest or penalty for letting the bill sit. Just pay up and you’re good to go again!

Also remember — Tigerdile is a business expense! If you’re using it to make money, you should be using your expenses here as a tax deduction (with the blessing of your accountant … you don’t want Tigerdile’s accounting advice!)

Services Offered

You buy Tigerdile streaming in 30 day chunks.  The more you pay, the more you get:

  • $5 – This is our “Casual User” package. You can stream with a 10 user cap. This cap is a “soft limit”, meaning, we do not lock people out of your stream when you hit 10 viewers. We’re currently operating under the honor system here, and this is intended for artists with growing audiences.
  • $15 – This is our “Pro” package. You can stream with an unlimited cap.
  • $45 – This is our “Sustainer” package.  This is for people who view streaming as a major source of income and really want to see this place succeed. Along with an unlimited cap, sustainers get priority support and will show up at the top of the tigerdile stream listings.  You also get an ad on the front page of Tigerdile, and a free Tigerdile Tadpole plushie for your first month!

We are very flexible and if you need the occasional extension or you need more evaluation time, please let us know.  Just click the Support link above in the header!

Where Your Money Goes

Why does it cost money? Streaming isn’t cheap!

  • We need a high bandwidth connection — we’re going with a 100 TB connection.
  • We need a server with as much RAM and CPU cores as we can muster
  • A lot of work went into making this site, and a lot of work goes into supporting it. This is done because we love the art and we love the community, but we deserve a little something for our time too!

It costs us about $300 per month to run the site between hosting and merchant fees. We do not run ads, we do not inject junk into your stream. We don’t watermark or otherwise act as an obstruction. We try to be really lax on the content rules and try to enable you to reach your customers in a friendly and open way.

You’ll probably get more customers, too — this is already becoming a community for interested patrons to gather, and we’re not even officially open yet!

In short, this is a site by artists, for working artists, and we can’t afford to do this without your support. If you’re not using Tigerdile to make money, then you’re very silly and should charge more.