State of the ‘Dile Posted:

Hi everyone;


So I wanted to put together a little note about where we are and where we’re going with Tigerdile and Swaggerdile.


First off — there WILL be a Fall HomeCon.  We’re looking at November 12 – 13.  Mark your calendars!


Secondly — Swaggerdile has been released and it’s already been pretty successful.  If you don’t know what it is, Swaggerdile is our Furry-specific Patreon alternative.  If you’d like to receive money in a manner similar to Patreon, with better protection and easier file management, then give us a try:


And now, the interesting stuff — what’s next?



Our next “big” project will be redesigning the Tigerdile site and more tightly coupling it with Swaggerdile, allowing for a lot of crossover features that will be very cool and useful to our streamers.


However, we’re planning a number of smaller things along the way:


  • Chat face lift – this is almost done, just needs a little more work to release it.
  • Real mobile support for streaming.  This is finally going to happen this year!
  • Multi-server streaming – we’ve got a German server and we’re preparing to globally expand to improve our stream quality and performance
  • Many bug fixes
  • More payment systems for Swaggerdile.  Skrill, maybe BitCoin, maybe BitGold, and hopefully we’ll figure out a good way to accept PayPal.
  • Proper VAT support for Swaggerdile
  • Better user education – promo videos and the like.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  We’ve planned about 50 major upgrades for both Swaggerdile and Tigerdile this year, and about 50 more are planned for next year, so we’re going to try to grow and improve things.


We’d love to hear any feedback from you guys — Click the Support link or email !   Thank you so much for using the ‘Dile!


— The Tigerdile Admins