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Niko's little spot for doodles of a decidedly floofy nature!


      Now that I have your attention...

UPDATED: March 13th, 2019

If you want a commission, you must read and understand what is in those links. :)

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 NikkyVix @

NikkyVix @

NikkyVix @ Twitter

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When Streaming Commissions are active:
I'll do an RNG raffle about 15 mins after starting officially working. See link above. When a picture is finished, And if there is time still in my 8 hour work night, I will start a new raffle. I may not complete a picture in one stream, so please be sure contact info is given.

Rule 1: Don't be a douche. Respect your streammates and their personal space.

Rule 2: See rule 1 to know if you can troll for fun and not be banned.
Rule 3: This isn't a request stream; don't ask for free art.

Rule 4: Do not collude (partner up) in raffles with friends to skew your odds.
Rule 5: No pandering or pestering others for attention & favors please.
Rule 6: If you don't like what's being shown: Hush, or leave, please. :)

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