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Stream rules:

1) Don't be a dick.

2) DON'T BE A DICK. YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. Don't try and be cute like you don't know what that entails. 3-strike dickassery policy is in effect. After your third warning, you're kicked out and not welcome back.

3) If this is a Sketch Club stream, the rules can be seen HERE: TL;DR is not an excuse.

Sketch Club can be seen Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday at 9 AM and 7 PM (EST in Canada and USA)

4) Sorry, I only speak English and parle Francais mais en peut.

My untalented crap can be seen here:

5) If I'm doing a Sketch Club stream, all drawings are free, but tips ARE appreciated to keep this stream going! Donation button is below.

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