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SCHEDULE CHANGE: I am back on full-time employment again Monday - Friday, so the stream schedule has once again changed to reflect it! Streams will now be held on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, each starting at 8pm EST, with topics listed below.


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Stream Topics:


Sundays: Penciling the comic page for the following week (switching between P&C and P&W)

Wednesdays: Whitney Wednesdays! Whitney hosts the stream to color the next comic page and work on commissions

Fridays: Whitney cosplays! Once those are all done, Fridays will focus on commissions/Patreon rewards, book-exclusive P&C comics, and other projects.



Peter & Company links: P&C Comic Site | P&C Patreon

Peter & Whitney Links: P&W Comic Site | P&W Patreon (18+)


"A Ponikvar is never late, noble viewer. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to."


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