Hi there, welcome to my stream!

You can find the majority of my work at my FA gallery. 


My "No" list is on my front page of my FA gallery, please check that out before you ask for a commission.


I ask that you behave civil in my stream. If I feel you can not be trusted to behave nicely after an outburst/otherwise disrupting event I will ban you. Streaming art is essentially my job, and just as disruptive behavior is not allowed in the work place I can not tolerate it here.


Links are always allowed and encouraged! The only exception being links to alternate streams/fishing for commissions. 'Cause that's just not cool, man. 


Feel like you're missing half the conversation? There's a lot of stuff that gets posted in Discord that is talked about when voice is on. My discord is open to all, I only ask that you behave in a respectful manner: https://discord.gg/fGnzGSt

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