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 Welcome to my stream! 

Limited time offer as I raise funds for pro dog training for a slightly aggressive puppy.  Currently: $100 of $600 goal.



$20 buys an hour of my time.  You may designate this hour to be spent doing whatever you want me to do with it.

-Work on a commission for you of whatever you like, within my PG-13 realm of course

-Work on any comic that’s mine – Your choice

-Play with Bear – I will take a 30 minute video of him running around a dog park playing with other dogs and post it on Youtube (It takes 12-13 minutes to get to the nice dog park with the trees and friendlier dogs.)

-Black and white Hand inked piece – must be done offline, single character with simple background on 9 x 12 smooth bristol



  Here’s my Weasyl and my Furaffinity!   Comics I do! : Cyantian Chronicles(Anthro), Shivae Studios, Alien Dice(Alien Pokemon), Abby’s Agency (The Office, if you replace paper with spies.). 



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