Stream Rules:

  1. Be polite! Respect the Mods. If they tell you to stop. STOP. Treat others the way you'd want to be treated.
  2. Please avoid topics centering around religion and politics and similar hot-button issues! 
  3. No excessive RP. Occasional actions and poses are fine, but please don't start a scene in the chat.
  4. Please don't spam, and please label any links to NSFW content.
  5. No freebie requests. I'll let you know if I'm open to having ideas thrown at me.
  6. Official Chat ModeratorsPerdikitti (Pez), Colblackwolf, AlyxVixen, Lannakitty, 32ndartbomb (Alexis/Lex)
  7. Skype Policy: Calls only with other artists, or my mods.




I will try to respond to replies as soon as I see them, either verbally or by typing, but I'm working in my lap and occasionally glancing up at the screen, so I may miss things. My playlist is random or streamed. I usually listen to symphonic/progressive metal while I work, but anything can come up.


Most of the work I stream is commission work, though I may be open to paid on-the-fly, while-you-watch sketches. I'll make an announcement if this is the case. Prices are on the banner above or click the Commission Info link below. Shipping for 9"x12" commissions is +$7 US and +$20 International. Art cards and other small pieces ship free! Payment options:



Commission Information

FurryNetwork Page

FurAffinity Page

Swaggerdile Page

Patreon Page

Storenvy Page

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