About HomeCon

HomeCon is s a convention you can attend from your home! It is a loosely organized streaming event with different artists coming on to do art for you, along with panels and other similar convention-like ideas! It even has a theme which changes from year to year.

It was started in the Fall of 2012 when site co-owner Caribou was unable to get to Midwest Fur Fest due to the travel expenses. She announced that she was going to have a HomeCon instead.

The site's other owner, Tanabi, helped organize the event and the first HomeCon ran with Caribou, Michele Light, Flinters, and Genesis Whitmore as the initial participants.

It started off as a one-off thing, and has since become an anticipated yearly event!

Temrin is the chief organizer of HomeCon these days and does much of the work and banner art. She deserves a lot of the credit for what HomeCon is today, and is the driving force behind what it'll be tomorrow!

Event T-Shirt

What con doesn't have a T-Shirt to commemorate it? This year we are taking the approach a little differently by reaching out to a Tigerdile artist to create a design for us instead of a contest. Artist and design will be updated here ASAP!

Event Raffle

How to Enter

  • Stream for 1+ Hours during HomeCon


  • Once a day, you can create/submit an image to us, using the provided color palette(s). We'll give these out closer to HomeCon.


A raffle winner will be chosen each day of HomeCon.

Raffle winners will win 1 month of FREE Pro-Level Tigerdile streaming.

We're working on some other prizes, too. Stay tuned for details.

Panel Submissions

  • Panels must be art related.
  • Examples: Tutorials / How To's / Educational
  • May be any rating, as long as it follows our Terms of Service.

Gaming streams or request/doodle streams are not panels. Panels are educational time slots for others to come and learn about a technique or art practice. If in doubt, ask! It never hurts to ask, and we accept most ideas.


Banners and Fliers

Fliers - Coming Soon!

Ad Banners

Copy and paste the code to put a 'Dile on your page!

Event Schedule